Negative Predictive Value Calculator

Enter the true negative rate and the false negative rate into the calculator to determine the negative predicted value.

Negative Predictive Value Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a negative predictive value.


  • Where NPV is the negative predictive value
  • TNR is the true negative rate
  • FNR is the false negative rate

Negative Predictive Value Definition

A negative predictive value is defined as the probability that a negative result will be a false negative.

Negative Predictive Value Example

How to calculate negative predictive value?

  1. First determine the true negative rate.

    Calculate the rate at which a true negative test results is found.

  2. Next, determine the false negative rate.

    Calculate the rate at which a negative test results in a false negative.

  3. Finally, calculate the negative predictive value.

    Using the formula, calculate the NPV.


What is a negative predictive value?

A negative predictive value is the probability or chance that people who get a negative test result, actually do not have whatever was being tested for. In other words, it’s a measure of how accurate a given test is.

What is a positive predictive value?

A positive predictive value is the probability that you actually have a disease given a positive test results.

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