Enter the ppm and the molar mass of a substance into the calculator to determine the molarity. This calculator can also determine the PPM or molar mass given the molarity and the other variable.

PPM to Molarity Formula

The following equation is used to convert PPM to molarity.

M = PPM/ mm / 1000
  • Where M is the molarity
  • mm is the molar mass (g/mol)
  • PPM is the parts

To calculate molarity from ppm, divide the PPM by the molar mas (g/mol), then divide the result by 1000.

PPM to Molarity Conversion

The conversion of PPM to molarity involves using the molar mass along with the equation above to calculate molarity.

PPM to Molarity Example

How to convert PPM to molarity?

  1. First, determine the PPM.

    Calculate the total parts per million of the solution or substance.

  2. Next, determine the molar mass.

    Measure or calculate the molar mass in g/mol.

  3. Finally, calculate the molarity.

    Calculate the molarity with the equation above.


What is molar mass?

Molar mass is a measure of the total mass per mol of substance.