Enter the total price and the total weight in ounces into the calculator to calculate the price per ounce. The calculator can also display the price per lb and other units of mass.

Price Per Ounce Formula

The following equation is used to calculate a price per ounce of a good or product.

  • Where PPO is the price per ounce ($/ounce)
  • TP is the total price ($)
  • TW is the total weight (ounces)

To calculate the price per ounce, divide the total price by the weight in ounces.

Price Per Ounce Definition

A price per ounce is defined as the total cost or price in dollars per unit of weight of good. The unit of weight in this case is ounces.

Price Per Ounce Example

How to calculate a price per ounce?

  1. First, determine the total price.

    Calculate the total price of the good or goods.

  2. Next, determine the weight.

    Measure the total weight of the good or products.

  3. Finally, calculate the price per ounce.

    Calculate the price per ounce using the equation above.


What is a good price per ounce?

A good price per ounce entirely depends on the product being sold. The more valuable the good and the lighter the good, the higher the price per ounce.