Enter the total amount of rain precipitation in inches and the temperature to calculate the equivalent amount of snow.

Rain to Snow Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the amount of snow in inches from the rain in inches.

S = R * (5 + T/16)
  • Where S is the amount of snow (inches)
  • R is the amount of rain (inches)
  • T is the temperature in F (if the temperature is less than 0, leave these blanks)

To calculate the amount of equivalent snow fall from rainfall, multiply the rainfall amount by the sum of 5 plus the temperature divided by 16.

Rain to Snow Conversion

Converting rain to snow is the process of calculating the amount of snow that would fall from a given amount of rain precipitation if it was cold enough outside.

Rain to Snow Example

How to convert rain to snow?

  1. First, determine the expected amount of rain.

    For this example, we will say the total amount of precipitation is expected to be 2inches of rain.

  2. Next, determine a theoretical temperature.

    We will say that in theory, the temperature would be 30 F.

  3. Finally, calculate the snow.

    We can calculate the amount of equivalent snow using the formula above so S = 2*(5+30/16) = 2 * (6.875) = 13.75″ of snow at that temperature.


How much snow is 1 inch of rain?

One inch of rain will equal between 5-7 inches of snow depending on the temperature