Enter the total number of miles expected to be driven per day, the MPG of the car, and the cost of gas to determine the rental car cost per day.

Rental Car Cost Per Day Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Rental Car Cost Per Day.

RCPD = .20*m+(GC/MPG*m) 
  • Where RCPD is the rental car cost per day ($/day)
  • m is the daily miles driven
  • GC is the gas cost ($/gallon)
  • MPG is the miles per gallon of the car

What is the average Rental Car Cost Per Day?

The average rental car cost per day is $72.75, with weekly rentals running on average $450.26 and monthly rentals averaging $1,600.56. With these prices in mind, renting a vehicle for a week or two can be more budget-friendly than trying to book a last-minute flight to see family or friends.

The table below details the daily rates paid by U.S. travelers who rented vehicles in 2022. The prices listed below are averages based on the respondents’ experience with various car rental companies in North America.

Vehicle TypeAverage Daily Rate
Economy/Compact Car$40
Intermediate SUV$55
Standard/Full-Size SUV$75
Pickup Truck$78