Resultant Force Calculator

Enter the forces and angles/direction of up to 5 different forces into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display the resultant force.

Resultant Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the resultant force acting on an object.

Resultant Force = Sum of all forces

For example, if there’s a force of 10 Newtons acting in the positive x direction and a force of 5 newtons acting in the -x direction, the results for is 10 + (-5) = 5 newtons in the positive x direction.

Resultant Force Definition

A resultant force is also known as the net force acting on an object. It’s the sum of all forces and there directions. The calculator above can solve for up to 5 different forces. If you require less, simply leave them blank.

Resultant Force Example

How to calculate resultant force?

  1. First, determine the individual forces.

    For this example we will say we have the following forces, -20N, 10N, 5N, 50N. All in the x direction only.

  2. Next sum all of the forces to get the resultant force.

    Doing this we find the the results for to be (-20+10+5+50) = 55N.


What is a resultant force?

A resultant force is known as the sum of all forces and directions acting on an object or system.

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