Net Force Calculator

Enter up to 5 different forces and angles into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display the net force and direction acting on the object.

Net Force Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the net force acting on an object.

Net Force = Sum of all forces

Net Force Definition

The net force is simply the sum of all forces acting on an object. This can be further complicated when the forces are acting in different directions. In this case, the forces need to be broken down into their x and y components and then summed.

Net Force Example

How to calculate net force

  1. First, break down each of the forces into their x and y components

    This will be done using the angle of the force and the magnitude.

  2. Next, sum the x and y components together

    Add up all of the x and y force components together.

  3. Finally, calculate the magnitude and angle of the net force

    This can be done using the laws of trigonometry.


What is a net force?

A net force is the sum of all of the forces acting upon an object.

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