Enter the selling price, fee rate, and transaction fee into the calculator to determine the payout.

Reverb Payout Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the Reverb Payout.

RP = P - (P * r) - F


  • RP is the Reverb Payout ($) P is the selling price of the item ($) r is the Reverb selling fee rate (decimal) F is the fixed transaction fee ($)

To calculate the Reverb Payout, multiply the selling price of the item by the Reverb selling fee rate, then subtract the result from the selling price. Finally, subtract the fixed transaction fee from the remaining amount.

What is a Reverb Payout?

A Reverb Payout refers to the payment a seller receives after selling an item on Reverb, an online marketplace for musicians to buy and sell gear. Once a sale is made, the payment is processed and held by Reverb. The payout is then released to the seller’s account, typically within a few business days. The amount of the payout is the selling price minus any selling fees or charges incurred during the transaction.

How to Calculate Reverb Payout?

The following steps outline how to calculate the Reverb Payout:

  1. First, determine the selling price of the item ($), denoted as P.
  2. Next, determine the Reverb selling fee rate (decimal), denoted as r.
  3. Next, determine the fixed transaction fee ($), denoted as F.
  4. Next, calculate the Reverb Payout using the formula: RP = P – (P * r) – F.
  5. After inserting the variables and calculating the result, check your answer with the calculator above.

Example Problem:

Use the following variables as an example problem to test your knowledge:

Selling price of the item ($), P = 100

Reverb selling fee rate (decimal), r = 0.1

Fixed transaction fee ($), F = 5