Enter the total cost of the shipping and the total weight of the package into the calculator to determine the shipping cost per pound. This calculator can also determine the shipping cost or weight given the other variables are known.

Shipping Cost Per Pound Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Shipping Cost Per Pound.

  • Where SCP is the shipping cost per pound ($/pound)
  • SC is the total shipping cost ($)
  • SW is the total shipping weight (lbs)

To calculate the shipping costs per pound, divide the total shipping cost by the total shipping weight.

What is the Shipping Cost Per Pound?


The average shipping cost per pound is $1.35, though it varies by location. The cost depends on the size of the item and its final destination.

For UPS, packages of less than one pound start at $2.74 and for packages of one pound or more start at $7. As the weight goes up, the cost per pound typically drops significantly until you hit a certain point.

After a certain point, the weight is too large for normal carries, and a specialty carrier or freight must be used, which will be much more expensive.