Enter the total cost and the total weight of the object into the calculator to determine the cost per pound.

Cost Per Pound Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Cost Per Pound.

CPP = C / W 
  • Where CPP is the cost per pound ($/lb)
  • C is the total cost ($)
  • W is the weight (lbs)

To calculate the cost per pound of any object, divide the cost of the object by it’s weight in pounds.

What is a Cost Per Pound?


A cost per pound, or cost-per-pound (CPP), is a term that is used to describe the costs associated with a specific weight or mass of an item. The cost per pound refers to the total costs associated with a single unit of weight and can be used in calculations that involve the production or transport of items based on their weight.

When a company considers new projects, it often relies on CPP calculations to determine if the project will be profitable. This method is also used in other industries to determine how much it will cost for services such as waste management, where fees are based on the weight of trash being removed.

How to Calculate Cost Per Pound?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Cost Per Pound.

First, determine the cost of the object. In this case, the object is a piece of metal and has a cost of $100.00.

Next, determine the weight of the object. This piece of metal is measured to have a weight of 4 pounds.

Finally, calculate the cost per pound using the formula above:

CPP = C / W

CPP =$100 / 4

CPP = $25/lb