Enter the length of the sine bar and the desired angle into the calculator to determine the height of the gage block.

Sine Bar Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the height of a gauge block.

GH = SBL * sin(A)
  • Where GH is the gauge block height
  • SBL is the sine bar length
  • A is the angle of the block

To calculate the gauge block height of sine bar, multiply the sine bar length by the sine of the angle of the block.

Sine Bar Definition

A sine bar is a type of measurement device, that when used with a gauge block, can accurately determine angular measurements.

This is typically used in machining practices to locate any work to a given angle.

The angles are most often in units of degrees, minutes, and seconds.

Example Problem

How to calculate a sine bar?

  1. First, determine the sine bar length.

    Measuring the length for this example yields a total distance of 5 inches.

  2. Next, determine the angle.

    Measuring the angle yields an angle of 20 degrees, 40 minutes, and 20 seconds.

  3. Next, convert the angle from degrees, minutes, and seconds into degrees.

    To do this is done using the formula 20+ 40/60+20/360 = 20.722 degrees.

  4. Finally, calculate the gauge block height using the formula above.

    GH = SBL * sin(A)
    GH = 5*sin(20.722)
    GH = 1.769 inches.