Enter the specific gravity of a substance and the reference density of another substance (typically water), to determine the density.

Specific Gravity to Density Formula

The following equation is used to convert specific gravity to a density.

D = SG * Dr

  • Where D is the density of the substance
  • SG is the specific gravity
  • Dr is the density of the reference substance (1 g/cm^3 for water)

Specific Gravity to Density Definition

Converting a specific gravity into a density is as simple as multiply the SG by the reference density for which it was based. In most cases, this is the density of water and therefore your multiply the SG by 1 to yield your density in g/cm^3.

Specific Gravity to Density Example

How to calculate density from specific gravity?

  1. First, determine the specific gravity.

    For this example, we will say the specific gravity is 50.

  2. Next, determine the reference density.

    For this example, we will say the reference density is 2 g/cm^3.

  3. Finally, calculate the density of the substance.

    Using the equation above we calculate the density to be 100 g/cm^3.


What is the density of water?

Standard fresh water has a density of 1 g/cm^3.

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