Enter the sample mean, the population mean, standard deviation, and sample size into the calculator. The calculator will display the statistical significance using type 1 error.

Statistical Significance Formula

The following formula used type 1 error to determine statistical significance.

Z = (x - u) / (std / sqrt(n))
  • Where Z is the statistical significance
  • x is the sample mean
  • u is the population mean
  • std is the standard deviation
  • n is the sample size

To calculate the statistical significance, subtract the population mean from the sample mean, then divide by the result of the standard deviation over the square root of the sample size.

Statistical Significance Definition

A statistical significance is a measure of how closely a sample set follows the data of a larger population

Statistical Significance Example

How to calculate statistical significane

  1. First, determine the sample size

    Determine a proper sample size to be used for analysis.

  2. Next, calculate the sample mean

    Calculate the mean of the sample.

  3. Next, calculate the population mean

    Calculate the mean of the entire population.

  4. Next, determine the standard deviation

    This is the standard deviation of the population, not the sample.

  5. Finally, calculate the statistical significance.

    Calculate Z using the formula above.


What is statistical significance?

Statistical significance is a measure of how closely a sample of data matches with a population of data.