Enter the larger diameter, smaller diameter, and length of taper into the calculator. The calculator will evaluate and display the total taper and taper angle. This calculator can also determine any of the variables in the below formulas if the other values are known.

Taper Angle Formula

The following equations are used to calculate the overall taper and taper angle.

T = (dl – ds) / L

TA = atan(0.5 x T)

  • Where T is the taper
  • dl is the larger diameter
  • ds is the smaller diameter
  • TA is the taper angle
  • L is the length

To calculate the taper length, subtract the smaller diameter from the larger diameter, then divide by the overall length.

Taper Definition

A taper is typically referred to as a section of a pipe that reduces in overall diameter over a certain length. That reduction in size is the taper, and the rate at which it reduces over the length is considered the taper angle.

Taper Example

How to calculate a taper?

The first step in determining a taper is to determine the larger diameter of the section of a pipe.

For this example problem, the larger diameter is found to be 10 inches.

Next, the small diameter of the taper must be measured.

In this case, the small diameter is found to be 5 inches.

Next, determine the total length of the section from the small diameter to the larger diameter.

In this problem, the total length is found to be 3 inches.

Finally, calculate the taper using the formula above:

T = (dl – ds) / L

T = (10-5) / 3

T = 1.667 inches of taper


What is a taper?

A taper is a section of a pipe that reduces in diameter over its length.