Enter the total lumens per wattage performance and the total number of watts into the calculator to determine the candlepower.

Watts to Candlepower Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Watts to Candlepower.

C = W * PF /12.57
  • Where C is the candlepower
  • W is the wattage (watts)
  • PF is the performance factor of the bulb (lumens/watts)

To calculate the candlepower from watts, multiply the wattage by the performance factor of the bulb, then divide by 12.57.

What is is candlepower?


Candle power is a unit of measure of light intensity, also known as luminous intensity.

How to Calculate Candlepower from Watts?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Watts to Candlepower.

First, determine the total wattage supplied to the bulb. For this example, the wattage is 500 watts.

Next, determine the performance factor of the bulb. This how much light the bulb produces per watt. In this case, this is 2.5 lumens/watt.

Finally, calculate the candle power using the formula above:

C = W * PF /12.57

C = 500 * 2.5 /12.57

C = 99.44311 candlepower