Enter the total amount of candlepower into the calculator to determine the equivalent amount of lumens.

Candlepower to Lumens Formula

The following formula is used to calculate lumens from candle power.

L = CP * 12.57
  • Where L is lumens
  • CP is candlepower

To calculate lumens from candlepower, multiply the candlepower by 12.57.

To calculate candlepower from lumens, divide the lumens by 12.57.

What is candlepower?

Candlepower is a unit of measure that represents a luminous intensity. Luminous intensity can also be thought of as light intensity.

Candlepower is derived from the amount of light that one candle of a certain size emits but is more accurately described as equal to .981 candelas, which is a more standard unit for light intensity.

How to calculate lumens from candlepower?

The following example outlines the steps needed to calculate the total amount of lumens when given candlepower.

First, determine the amount of candlepower. In this example, we are first given the number of candelas of light intensity. To convert this into candlepower, we multiply the number by .981.

In this case, the candelas is 50 so the candle power is calculated as:

50*.981 = 49.05 candlepower

Next, use the formula above to convert the candlepower into lumens.

L = CP * 12.57

L = 49.05 * 12.57

L = 616.58 lumens