Enter the total number of guests and the cost of catering, venue, flowers, makeup, ceremony, music, dress & suits, photographer, and additional addons into the calculator to determine the wedding cost per person.

Wedding Cost Per Person Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Wedding Cost Per Person.

  • Where WCP is the wedding cost per person ($/person)
  • TCA is the total cost of all amenities including; food, drinks, venue, flowers, makeup, ceremonies, music, dresses/suits, etc.
  • #G is the number of guests.

To calculate a wedding cost per person, divide the total cost by the number of guests.

What is the Average Wedding Cost Per Person?


The average wedding cost per person is $45,000.00 through all states in the US.

How to Calculate Wedding Cost Per Person?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate the Wedding Cost Per Person.

First, determine the costs of the categories listed above. For this example they are as follows:

  • Catering ($10000.00)
  • Venue ($4000.00)
  • Flowers ($3000.00)
  • Makeup ($1500.00)
  • Ceremony ($1500.00)
  • Photographer ($5000.00)
  • Music ($3000.00)
  • Dress/Suits ($3000.00)
  • Misc ($3000.00)

Next, determine the number of guests that are to attend. This will likely affect the cost of food and drinks. In this case, there are 200 guests.

Finally, calculate the wedding cost per person using the formula above:

WCP = TCA / #G

WCP = (10,000+4,000+3,000+1,500+1,500+5,000+3,000+3,000+3,000) / 20

WCP = $170/person