Enter alpha, beta, x1, and x2 into the calculator to determine the Weibull distribution of the function.

Weibull Distribution Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a Weibull distribution/probability of a function.

P (X1<X<X2) = e ^ (-x1/B)^a – e^(-x2/B)^a

  • Where P (X1<X<X2) is the Weibull distribution
  • B is beta
  • a is alpha

Weibull Distribution Definition

A Weibull distribution is defined as the probability that the value of a function falls between two different points or values.

Weibull Distribution Example

How to calculate Weibull distribution?

  1. First, determine the two points.

    Determine the two points, X1 and X2, that you want to know the probability of the function falling in between them.

  2. Next, determine the alpha.

    Calculate alpha of the function.

  3. Next, determine the beta.

    Calculate the beta of the function.

  4. Finally, calculate the Weibull Distribution.

    Using the formula above, calculate the Weibull Distribution.


What is a weibull distribution?

A weibull distributions is the probability of a value x of a function to fall between two arbitrary points x1 and x2 along that function.

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