Enter the current temperature and relative humidity. The calculator will evaluate and display the estimated wet bulb temperature at those conditions.

Wet Bulb Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the wet-bulb temperature.

Tw = T * arctan[0.152 * (rh + 8.3136)^(1/2)] + arctan(T + rh%) – arctan(rh – 1.6763) + 0.00391838 *(rh)^(3/2) * arctan(0.0231 * rh) – 4.686

  • Where TW is the wet-bulb temperature
  • T is the current temperature
  • rh is the relative humidity (%)

How to calculate wet bulb temperature

  1. First, determine the current temperature

    Measure the current temperature using a thermometer.

  2. Next, determine the current relative humidity

    This humidity is measure as a %

  3. Finally, calculate the wet bulb

    Using the current temperature and the humidity, calculate the wet-bulb temperature.


What is wet bulb?

The wet bulb is the lowest temperature air can reach through only evaporation.