Charle's Law Calculator

This calculator determines the final volume of a gas given the initial temperature, initial volume, and final temperature. Enter these three values into the calculator below to determine the final volume.

Charle’s Law Formula

The following formula describes the equation derived from Charle’s Law of ideal gases.

V₁ / T₁ = V₂ / T₂

  • Where V1 is the initial volume
  • V2 is the final volume
  • T1 is the initial temperature
  • T2 is the final temperature

Through this equation, we can re-arrange the variables to solve for the final volume of a gas going through a temperature and volume change. That equation is displayed as

(V₁ / T₁)*T₂ = V₂

It’s important to note, as with most laws involving gases, that these equations only work with ideal gases. Ideal gases behave in a way that lets scientist form clean equations for calculating their parameters.

Charle's Law Calculator
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