Hydraulic Pressure Calculator

Enter the liquid pressure and the cross sectional area of a hydraulic cylinder to calculator the force acting on that cylinder due to the liquid pressure.

Hydraulic Pressure Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the force acting on a hydraulic piston that is be subjected to a pressure.

F = A * P

  • Where F is the force (Newtons)
  • A is the cross sectional area (m^2)
  • and P is the pressure (pascals)

This formula is derived from the laws of fluid dynamics. This can be further explored in Pascal’s principle which states that if a pressure if applied to a container of liquid that pressure is transmitted everywhere in that container.

This is the fundamentals of hydraulics. If you have one piston with a large area and apply a pressure P, that pressure is transmitted equally through the container. Therefore, if you then have another piston with a much smaller area, the same pressure is applied to that area, but the force is much greater since the values are directly proportional.

Hydraulic Pressure Calculator
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