Aerobic Capacity Calculator

This calculator provides an estimated measure of your V02 max. Your V02 max is the volume of oxygen your body uses in a given amount of time. Typically the better your cardio vascular health is the larger your V02 max will be. This is why it’s often considered a good indicator of your aerobic capacity. Below is a table that outlines the comparative fitness levels of male and female adults based on their V02 Max. 

Cardiovascular Fitness Level

One may ask, how do i lower my resting hear rate? The best on only proven way to do that without short term drugs is through endurance training and aerobic activity. That is the reason that lower resting heart rates and higher V02 levels are considered indicators of of good aerobic fitness level. Below is a good link to estimate V02 max based on running performance instead of resting heart rate. 

V02 Max Calculator

What does V02 max stand for?

In short V02 max is the volume of oxygen that your muscles and body can take in. The more oxygen available to muscles the better they can perform, and this is why V02 max is associated with high fitness levels. Those people that are getting oxygen to their muscles more efficiently and in greater quantities will outperform those with less oxygen every single time regardless of effort.

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