Enter the total weight of the aluminum and the total cost of the aluminum into the calculator to determine the aluminum cost per pound.

Aluminum Cost Per Pound Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Aluminum Cost Per Pound.

  • Where ACP is the aluminum cost per pound ($/lb)
  • TCA is the total cost of aluminum ($)
  • TWA is the total weight of aluminum (lbs)

To calculate the Average Aluminum Cost Per Pound, divide the average cost of aluminum by the weight of the aluminum.

What is the Average Aluminum Cost Per Pound?

As of 2022, the average aluminum cost per pound is $1.37. This is equal to $2,740 per ton.

To figure out the average aluminum cost per pound, you would take all of the aluminum used in a year (in the U.S.) and divide that number by the number of pounds of aluminum used. T

The price of a pound of aluminum fluctuates for several reasons, including the type of aluminum you need and the location you are buying it. Aluminum is used in various products, from beverage cans to planes and automobiles.

When deciding on an average price of a pound of aluminum, you have to consider these two factors and how much your desired weight of aluminum will cost.

The most inexpensive way to purchase aluminum is in its recycled form. This type of metal is cheaper than new or virgin metal because it has already been processed once and takes less energy to produce again.