Enter the size of the film and the effective focal length of the camera to determine the angle of view.

Angle of View Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the angle of view of a camera.

AOV = 2arctan (d/2f)
  • Where AOV is the angle of view
  • d is the chosen dimension (often film or sensor size)
  • f is the effective focal length.

To calculate the angle of view, divide the sensor size by 2 times the effective focal length, take the inverse tangent of this result, then multiply by 2.

Angle of View Definition

An angle of view, or AOV for short, is defined as the angular extent of a scene that can be captured by a camera.

Angle of View Example

How to calculate an angle of view?

  1. First, determine the film size.

    Calculate or measure the chosen dimension, usually the film size.

  2. Next, determine the focal length.

    Calculate the effective focal length.

  3. Finally, calculate the angle of view.

    Using the equation above, calculate the AOV.


What is an angle of view?

An angle of view is the total extent of a scene that a camera can see. This term is also sometimes referred to as field of view.

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