Enter the height of an object and the angle to the height into the calculator to find the distance from the angle.

Distance Angle Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the distance from an angle.

D = H / sin(a)

  • Where D is the distance
  • H is the height
  • a is the angle

Distance Angle Definition

What is a distance angle? Distance angle commonly refers to the horizontal distance of an angle that reaches a certain height, which in turn forms a triangle. In other words, the distance created by the angle.

Example Problem

How to calculate a distance angle?

  1. First, determine the angle.

    For this example, the angle is found to be 35 deg.

  2. Next, determine the height.

    Measuring the height we find the total length of the height to be 40 ft.

  3. Finally, calculate the distance.

    Using the formula, divide the height by the sin of the angle. D = 40 / sin(35)= 69.73.

About Distances and Angles

Does distance affect angle? Changing a distance will affect the corresponding angle. If a distance is increased, but the height is kept the same, then the angle will decrease. Conversely, if the distance is decreased, the angle will increase.