Angular Frequency Calculator

Enter the frequency in hertz (hz) into the calculator to determine the angular frequency of a rotating object.

Angular Frequency Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the angular frequency.

ω = 2*π*f

  • Where ω is the angular frequency in rad/s
  • f is the normal frequency in hertz (hz)
  • 2π is the number of radians in a circle

Example Problem

The following is a step by step example of how to calculate angular frequency.

  1. First, determine the frequency of the object or wave. Once determined, convert that value to standard units of frequency which are hertz. We will assume this value is 20hz.
  2. Next, plug the value for frequency into the formula.
  3. Finally, solve the equation for angular frequency. ω = 2*π*f = 2*3.14159*20 = 125.66 rad/s.


What is an angular frequency?

An angular frequency is the measure of rotational speed in radians per second that a rotating object is moving at.

What are hertz?

Hertz are a measure of standard frequency that represents one total rotation of a rotating object.

angular frequency calculator

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