Enter the reactance and the current of a system into the calculator to determine the kilovolt-ampere reactive (KVAR).

KVAR Formula

The following formula is used to calculate kilovolt-ampere reactive.

KVAR = Q = X* I ^2
  • Where KVAR is the reactive power
  • X is the reactance of the system (ohms)
  • I is the current of the system/circuit (amps)

To calculate the reactive power (KVAR), multiply the reactance by the current squared.

KVAR Definition

What is KVAR?

KVAR, short for kilovolt-ampere reactive, is a measure of the electrical reactive power of a system. This term is most often used when describing and talking about energy savings systems for devices that run on AC current.

Example Problem

How to calculate KVAR?

  1. First, determine the reactance of the savings system.

    For this problem, the reactance is calculated to be 40 ohms.

  2. Next, determine the current of the system.

    For this example, the current of the circuit is measured to be 150 amps.

  3. Finally, calculate the KVAR.

    Using the formula above, the KVAR is calculated to be:
    KVAR = Q = X* I ^2
    KVAR = Q = 40 * 150^2
    KVAR = 900,000 KVAR