Enter the total reactance and the total resistance into the calculator to determine the X/R ratio.

X/R Ratio Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the X/R Ratio.

X/R-Ratio = R/Ri
  • Where X/R is the X/R Ratio ratio
  • R is the total reactance
  • Ri is the total resistance

To calculate an X/R Ratio divide the total reactance by the total resistance.

What is a X/R Ratio?


An X/R ratio is a ratio of the reactance of a system relative to the resistance. The X/R in the term refers to X as the reactance and R as the resistance.

How to Calculate X/R Ratio?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate X/R Ratio.

First, determine the total reactance. In this example, the reactance in measured to be 50 ohms.

Next, determine the total resistance. For this system, the resistance is calculated to be 40 ohms.

Finally, calculate the X/R Ratio using the formula above:

X/R Ratio = R/Ri

X/R Ratio = 50/40

X/R Ratio = 1.25