Calculate the inverse sine of any number using this calculator. This arcsin calculator converts any number into its arcsin or inverse sine. Select radians or degrees for the units.

Arcsin Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate the arcsin of any number.

Arcsin(x) = C 
Sin C = x

This equation essentially says that any arcsin value equals the inverse sine value. In more conceptual terms, you can think of the arcsin as the angle whose sin is x. The arcsin can be used to calculate the angle when the sine of the angle is given.

Arcsin Definition

Arcsin is the inverse value of the sine of any value or angle.

How to calculate arcsin?

How to calculate arcsin?

  1. First, determine the angle or value.

    Measure or calculate the angle you are going to take the arcsin of.

  2. Next, take the sine of the value.

    Calculate the some value.

  3. Finally, take the inverse.

    Take the inverse of the value from step 2 to get the arcsin value.


What is arcsin?

Arcsin is defined as the inverse value of the sine of any number or angle.