Calculate the inverse tangent of a number using this calculator. This arctan calculator converts a value to its inverse tangent. Simply enter the number you wish you calculate.

Arctan Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate the arctan of a value.

Arctan(x) = C

Tan C = X

  • Where x is a value
  • C is an angle in radians

Arctan Definition

The arctan is defined as the inverse value of the tangent of any number or value.

How to calculate arctan?

How to calculate an arctan?

  1. First, measure the angle.

    Measure or determine the angle are the value you want to take the arc tangent of.

  2. Next, take the tangent.

    Calculate the tangent of that number.

  3. Finally, take the inverse.

    Inverse the value from step to get your arctan value.


What is arctan?

Arctan is a term used in math to describe the inverse tangent of a value.

How is a arctan used?

Arctan can be used to calculate the angle of a triangle when the opposite and adjacent sides of the triangle are known. Simply take the ratio of the opposite to adjacent and plug the ratio into the formula above.

Is arctan in degrees or radians?

Arctan calculates the value in radians, but this can be converted to degrees using the calculate above.


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