Enter any angle into the Cosecant calculator. The calculator will display the result of that cosecant, also known as 1/sine(x).

Cosecant Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the value of a cosecant of an angle.

CSC(x) = 1/sin(x)
  • Where CSC is the cosecant
  • x is the angle in degrees or radians

As you can see from the equation above, the cosecant is equal to 1 divided by the sin of the same angle.

Cosecant Definition

Cosecant, commonly written as csc, is a trigonometric function that relates to the ratios of the sides of a right triangle. Specifically, it is the reciprocal of the sine function.

In mathematical terms, cosecant is defined as the ratio of the hypotenuse length divided by the length of the side opposite to a given angle in a right triangle.

Cosecant is significant in various mathematical and scientific applications due to its relationship with sine and its ability to provide valuable information about angles and proportions. It is particularly useful in trigonometry, geometry, physics, and engineering.

One of the primary reasons Cosecant is important is its role in solving trigonometric equations and problems. By using Cosecant, one can determine the measure of an angle or the length of a side in a right triangle when given specific information about the other sides or angles. This enables precise calculations and accurate solutions for various real-world problems involving angles and distances.

How to calculate cosecant?

How to calculate cosecant

  1. Determine the angle you wish to evaluate

    Calculate or measure the angle to take the cosecant.

  2. Take the sin of the angle

    Take the sine value of that angle.

  3. Calculate the cosecant

    Divide 1 by the sine value calculated in step 2 to determine the cosecant.


What is a cosecant?

A cosecant is the inverse value of the trigonometric sine function.