Inverse Cosine Calculator

Enter a value x into the calculator. The calculate will evaluate and display the inverse cosine of the angle using the arcosine formula.

Inverse Cosine Formula

The following formula can be used to calculate an angle from any cosine value.

Arccosine(x) = C

Cosine C = x

  • Where AC is arc cosine, which is the same as saving inverse cosine
  • x is a cosine value of two sides of a triangle.

Inverse Cosine Definition

An inverse cosine is used to calculate an angle given the ratio of the opposite to adjacent sides of that angle.

Inverse Cosine Example

How to calculate inverse cosine.

  1. First, find the ratio of the adjacent side to the opposite side.

    These are the sides of the angle.

  2. Next, calculate the angle.

    Calculate the angle using the inverse cosine.


What is the inverse cosine?

The inverse cosine is also known as the arc cosine, and is used to calculate the value of an angle when the cosine of that angle is known.

What is arc cosine?

Arc cosine is just another way of saying the inverse cosine. The formula is the same as the inverse cosine.

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