Enter any number into the inverse tan calculator. The calculator will return the inverse tangent of that number as degrees or radians.

Inverse Tan Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the inverse tangent of a value.

Arctan(x) = C  
Tan C = X
  • Where C is the angle
  • X is the tan C

To calculate an angle using the inverse tangent, determine the tangent value of the angle.

What is the inverse tangent?

An inverse tan, also known as a tangent, is the inverse of the tangent function or opposite. Since the tangent function normally takes an angle measurement and returns a value, the inverse tangent takes a value and returns an angle.

How to calculate inverse tangent?

How to calculate inverse tangent?

  1. First, determine the value.

    Measure the value you are taking the inverse tangent of.

  2. Next, take the inverse tangent.

    Take the inverse tangent to determine the angle that corresponds to the value from step 1.


How can inverse tan be used?

The inverse tangent formula can be used to calculate the angle in a triangle when the tangent value (opposite/adjacent) is known.

What is arctan?

Arctan is just another name for inverse tan. The operation is the same.