Enter the angle you wish to convert and this power reducing calculator will determine the sin2θ , cos2θ , or tan2θ of that angle.

Power Reduction Formula

The following formulas are used to calculate the power reduction of an angle in trigonometric terms.

sin2θ = [1 – cos(2θ) ] / 2
cos2θ = [1 + cos(2θ) ] / 2
tan2θ = [1 – cos(2θ) ] / [1 + cos(2θ) ]

Power Reducing Definition

Power reducing is the process of calculating the squared value of the three trigonometric functions using a reducing power function as shown above.

How to calculate Power Reducing?

How to calculate a power reducing trig function?

  1. First, determine which trigonometric function is being analyzed.

    For example, you may choose sin2θ to analyze.

  2. Next, convert the function.

    Using the formulas above, convert the function to a reduced power equation.

  3. Finally, calculate the value.

    Enter the angle into the function to calculate the value.


What is power reducing?

Power reducing involves the derivation of a function to calculate a squared value of a trigonometric function.