Enter the major axis and minor axis of the oval into the calculator to determine the total area.

Area of an Oval Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the area of an oval.


  • Where A is the total area
  • a is the major axis/diameter
  • b is the minor axis/diameter

Area of an Oval Definition

An area oval is the same as describing the area of a symmetric ellipse and is a measure of the total area occupied by that shape with a defined major and minor axis.

Area of An Oval Example

How to calculate the area of an oval?

  1. First, determine the major axis.

    Measure or calculate the length of the major axis.

  2. Next, determine the minor axis.

    Measure of calculate the length of the minor axis.

  3. Finally, calculate the area.

    Calculate the area using the equation above.


What is an oval?

An oval is an elongated circle with a different distance from the center to the edge of the circle.