Enter the average of up to 10 different percentages into the calculator. The calculator will return the average percentage of those values.

Average of Percentages Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the average of a group of percentages.

AV % = X1 + X2 + X… / #

  • Where AV % is the average percent
  • X1..etc are the percentages of each value
  • # is the total number of values

Average of Percentages Definition

The average of percentages is the true average of a set of two or more percentage values.

Average of Percentages Example

How to calculate the average of percentages

  1. First, sum all of the percentages together

    Add all of the percentages together to get one value. For example, if you had 1%, 2%, and 3%, the sum would be 6%.

  2. Next, count the number of values

    This is the total number of values. In the example above, this number would be 3, since there are 3 separate percentages.

  3. Calculate the average

    Enter the information into the equation above to determine the average.


What is a percentage?

A percentage is a ratio of a number to a total of 100%. For example, 1 out of 10 would be 10%.

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