Enter any fraction in the form of x/y into the calculator. The calculator will convert the fraction to a decimal number. The calculator will also accept mixed numbers.

Fraction To Decimal Formula

The following formula is used to convert a fraction to a decimal.

A x/y = A.X/Y

  • Where D is the decimal
  • x is the numerator
  • y is the denominator
  • A is a whole number if using a mixed number

Fraction To Decimal Definition

Converting a fraction to a decimal is the process of producing the exact value of a fraction in decimal form.

Fraction to Decimal Example

How to convert a fraction to a decimal

  1. First, determine the numerator

    In the equation above, this is the variable x. It is the number on top of the fraction sign.

  2. Next, determine the denominator

    In the equation above, this is the y variable. This is typically the number on the bottom side.

  3. Find any whole numbers

    If your fraction is a mixed number, find the whole number to use.

  4. Calculate the decimal

    Calculate the decimal equivalent using the information from steps 1-3 and the formula above.


What is a decimal?

A decimal is a system for displaying values of numbers that are based on the number 10 and powers of ten. For example, tenth, hundredth, thousandth…etc.

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