Fraction Exponent Calculator

Enter the base and the numerator and denominator of the fraction exponent into the calculator. The calculator will determine the value of the fractional exponent.

Fraction Exponent Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the value of a number raised to a fractional exponent.

B = x ^ d/e

  • Where B is the value of the equation
  • x is the base number to be raised
  • d is the numerator of the exponent
  • e is the denominator of the exponent.

Fraction Exponent Definition

A fraction exponent is an exponent that is displayed and calculated using a fractional of some whole number.

How to calculate fraction exponent?

How to calculate a fractional exponent

  1. First determine the base in number

    This would be x in the formula above.

  2. Next, determine the numerator and denominator of the epxonent

    This will be d and e of the fractional exponent.

  3. Finally, calculate the value of B

    Calculate the total value of the number x raised to the fractional exponent of d/e.


What is a fraction exponent?

A fraction exponent is an exponent that is in a form of a fraction. That is to say a number raised to the 2/3 power is a number raised to the exponent of 2/3. This could also be written in decimal form as a number raised to .666…

fraction exponent calculator
fraction exponent formula

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