Enter an initial value and final value into the percent growth calculator. The calculator will return the percentage increase over that period. To calculate the percent growth per period, enter the total number of periods.

Percent Growth Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the percentage growth of a value.

PG =( FV - IV )/ IV *100
  • Where PG is the percent growth
  • FV is the final value
  • IV is the initial value

To determine the percent growth per period, simply divide the result from the formula above by the total number of periods.

What is a Percent Growth?

Percent growth is a measure that indicates the relative increase or decrease in a quantity over a specific period. It is computed by comparing the change in the quantity to its initial value and expressing it as a percentage.

This metric offers valuable insights into the rate of change and expansion of various phenomena, making it a vital tool in numerous fields.

Percent growth provides a standardized way to assess the development of a variable over time. By expressing changes as a percentage, it enables easy comparison across different data sets, industries, or regions.

In finance and economics, percent growth is essential for measuring economic performance. It helps determine the pace at which an economy expands or contracts, enabling policymakers to make informed decisions. Investors and financial analysts also rely on percent growth to assess the profitability and potential of investment opportunities.

In science, percent growth is utilized to monitor the progress of experiments, the growth of organisms, and the development of diseases. It serves as a benchmark for evaluating the effectiveness of treatments, the spread of infections, and the success of interventions.

How to calculate percent growth?

How to calculate a percent growth

  1. First, determine the initial value

    Measure or calculate the starting value

  2. Next, determine the final value

    Measure or calculate the finishing value

  3. Calculate

    Calculate the percent growth using the formula above.


What is a percent growth?

A percent growth is another term for a percentage increase. This is an increase of a value over time represented as a percentage.

What is growth rate?

The growth rate is the percent growth or increase per time period. For example, a growth of 100% of 10 years, is a growth rate of 10% per year.