Enter the original value and the new value of an improvement into the calculator to determine the improvement percentage.

Improvement Percentage Formula

The following formula is used to calculate an improvement percentage.

IMP = ( NV-OV)/OV*100
  • Where $IMP is the percentage improvement.
  • NV is the new value
  • OV is the original value

To calculate an improvement percentage, subtract the original score/value from the new score or value, divide by the original score, the multiply by 100.

Improvement Percentage Definition

An improvement percentage, also known as the percentage increase of a value, is a measure of the increase in performance of an activity or test with respect

Improvement Percentage Example

How to calculate an improvement percentage?

  1. First, determine the original value.

    Determine your original score or value.

  2. Next, determine the new value.

    Determine your new score.

  3. Finally, calculate the improvement percentage.

    Calculate the improvement percentage using the formula above.


What is an improvement percentage?

An improvement percentage is a measure of the total value of an improvement in the score or value of an activity.