Negative Fraction Calculator

Enter any fraction into the negative fraction calculator. The calculator will return two equivalent fractions that have a negative value.

Negative Fraction Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a negative fraction.

If fraction = X/Y the negative fraction is equal -X/Y 0r X/-Y

It’s important to note here that only either the numerator or denominator should be negative. This makes the entire value negative. Instead if you make both negative, the fraction itself will turn positive since -1/-1 = 1.

Negative Fraction Definition

Any negative fraction is any fraction multiplied by -1.

How to calculate a negative fraction?

How to calculate a negative fraction

  1. Enter the numerator

    This is x in the formula above.

  2. Enter the denominator

    This is y is the formula above.

  3. Calculate the negative fraction

    Multiply EITHER (not both) the numerator or denominator by -1.


What is a negative fraction?

A negative fraction is a term used to describe an equivalent fraction that is negative in value. For example, the negative fraction of 1/2 is -1/2 or 1/-2. The absolute values of these 3 fractions are the same, but there actual values are opposite.

negative fraction calculator

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