Proportion Calculator

Enter two different ratios to calculate the proportion of one ratio to another. This calculator solves for X of equal proportions.

Proportion Formula

In simpler terms, a proportion is the relationship between two different quantities. These quantities are typically represented as two different ratios. Ratios are sometimes represented as percentages, which you can calculate here.

These ratios are made up of a numerator (top number) and denominator (bottom number). This term is typically referred to as a fraction.

How to Calculate a Proportion

Lets say you have 7 pieces of pie out of 12 total pieces. This ratio is 7/12. Now you look over and see your friend has 3 pieces of pie out of 12, which is a ration of 3/12. Now you want to compare the proportion of your slices to his slices, or 7/12 : 3/12.

The first step is to convert these to a solid integer proportion, you typically need to convert to the least common denominator and then you cross out the denominators and you have your proportion of 7/1 : 3/1.

What is a proportion?

A proportion is a term used to describe the ratio of fractions to one another.

What’s the difference between a fraction and a proportion.

A fraction is a ratio of one number to another, and a proportion is a ratio of fractions.

proportion calculator

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