Constant of Proportionality Calculator

Enter two dependent variable into the calculator to determine the constant of proportionality.

Constant of Proportionality Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a constant of proportionality.

C = X / Y

  • Where C is the constant of proportionality
  • X is a variable directly dependent on Y
  • Y is a variable directly dependent on X

Constant of Proportionality Definition

A constant of proportionality is a value that directly relates two variables two one another. For example, let’s take to variables X, and Y to be directly dependent in the form above. So C = X/Y, so X = C*Y, and Y= X/C.

Constant of Proportionality Example

In this example, the variables are inversely proportional. Let’s say we have X which we know is 5, and we have the constant of proportionality of 2. We can then find Y by rearranging the equation Y = X/C = 5/2 = 2.5.

The constant of proportionality can be used to calculate the missing variable.


What is constant of proportionality?

A constant of proportionality represents the ratio of two different variables to one another.

constant of proportionality calculator
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