Fraction Addition Calculator

Enter any two fractions into the calculator. The fraction addition calculator will add both fractions together and display the answer as a simplified fraction.

Fraction Addition Formula

The following formula is used to calculator the addition of fractions.

X/Y + A/B = C/D

  • Where X/Y is one fraction
  • A/B is the other fraction
  • C/D is the simplified solution

Fraction Addition Definition

Fraction addition is the process of adding two or more fraction together to produce a new fraction.

Fraction Addition Example

how to add fractions

  1. First, determine the two fractions

    Determine the two fraction, x/y and a/b, that you would like to add together.

  2. Next, convert the denominators

    Convert the two fractions so that they contain the same denominator. This can be done using the LCM of the denominators.

  3. Add the fractions

    Add the numerator numbers together, and keep the denominator the same.

  4. Simplify

    Simplify the fractions to the lowest possible form.


What is fraction addition?

Fraction addition is the process of adding two values in a fractional form into one value.

fraction addition calculator
fraction addition formula