Enter a fraction x/y and a fraction a/b to subtract from the first fraction. The calculator will display the simplified value after subtraction.

Fraction Subtraction Calculator

The following formula is used to calculate a subtraction of two fractions.

X/Y - A/B = C/D
  • Where X/Y is the first fraction
  • A/B is the fraction being subtracted from X/Y
  • C/D is the new resulting fraction

Fraction Subtraction Definition

Fraction subtraction is the mathematical operation of finding the difference between two fractions. It is important because it allows us to compare or combine quantities that are represented by fractions.

Fraction Subtraction Example

How to subtract fractions

  1. First, determine the fractions

    Determine the two fractions, x/y, and a/b that are to be used in the calculation.

  2. Next, convert the denominators to like terms

    Using the LCM of the denominators, convert the fractions so that the denominators are equal. For example, if the fractions were 1/2 and 1/6, you would want to multiply 1/2 *3 = 3/6.

  3. Subtract the fractions

    Subtract 3/6 – 1/6 = 2/6.

  4. Simplify the equation

    Divide both sides of the fraction by their GCD = 2, so 2/6 / 2/2 = 1/3.


How do i subtract fractions?

Subtracting fractions involves converting two fractions so they have matching denominators, and then performing the subtraction on the numerators only after conversion.

fraction subtraction calculator
fraction subtraction formula