Enter any two fractions into the calculator to divide one fraction from the other. The calculator will evaluate the final value after division.

Fraction Division Formula

The following formula is used to calculate fraction division.

X/Y / A/B = X*B / Y*A

  • Where X*B/Y*A is the resulting fraction
  • X/Y is the first fraction
  • A/B is the dividing fraction

Fraction Division Definition

Fraction division is simply the process of dividing two or more fractions to yield a new fraction.


The following example will go over how to divide one fraction by another.

Let’s take a fraction of 5/6 and try to divide it by 4/5.

Using the formula above, the resulting fraction will be 5*5/4*6 = 25/24

Further more, we would like to simplify this to a mixed fraction.

25/24 = 1 1/24.

In this case, the resulting mixed fraction has the fraction portion in its simplest form, but sometimes it can be simplified even further.


What is fraction division?

Fraction division is the act of dividing two fractions to produce a new fraction.

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