Enter the numerator and denominator of any number into the calculator. The calculator will simplify the fraction and display the lowest common integers.

Simplifying Fraction Formula

The following formula can be used to simplify any fraction.

X/Y -> Simplified to A/B

A/B= X/(GCD(x,y)) / Y/(GCD(x,y)

  • Where A/B is the simplified fraction
  • X/Y is the original fraction
  • GCD(x,y) is the greatest common denominator between x and y

Simplify Fraction Definition

Simplifying a fraction is defined as reducing a fraction to the lowest equivalent fraction that can be displayed as whole numbers.

Simplify Fraction Example

How to simplify a fraction

  1. First, determine the GCD (x,y)

    Determine the greatest common denominator between x and y. This is the greatest number that both numbers can be divided by and both yields a whole integer.

  2. Divide X and Y by the GCD

    Divide both x and y by their greatest common denominator.

  3. Solve for the simplified fraction

    Put the simplified fraction of A/B together from the values calculated in step 2.


What is a simplified fraction?

A simplified fraction is a fraction whose numerator and denominator were both divided by their greatest common denominator.

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