Enter the bit rate and the number of bits per baud into the calculator to determine the baud rate.

Baud Rate Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a baud rate.

  • Where BR is the baud rate (bauds/s)
  • BIR is the bit rate (bits/s)
  • BPB is the number of bits per baud

To calculate baud rate, divide the bit rate by the number of bits per baud.

Baud Rate Definition

A baud rate is defined as the ratio of the bit rate to the number of bits per baud.

Baud Rate Example

How to calculate baud rate?

  1. First, determine the bit rate.

    Measure the rate of the data transfer in bits per second.

  2. Next, determine the BPB.

    Calculate the total number of bits per baud.

  3. Next, calculate the the baud rate.

    Using the formula above, calculate the baud rate. For example, if the bit rate was 1600, and the bits per baud was 8, the baud rate would be 1600/8= 200 bauds per second.


What is a baud rate?

A baud rate is a unit of measure used in telecommunication and electronics to describe the speed or rate of communication of a data channel. In other words, how quickly the data is transferred through a channel.