Enter the inseam length into the calculator to determine the bike seat height; this calculator can also evaluate the inseam length, given the bike seat height is known.

Bike Seat Height Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the bike seat height:

SH = IL * 0.883


  • SH is the bike seat height
  • IL is the inseam length (measured from the crotch to the floor)

To calculate the bike seat height, multiply the inseam length by 0.883.

What is a Bike Seat Height?

Bike seat height refers to the distance between the bottom bracket (where the pedal cranks are attached to the bike) and the top of the seat. It is a crucial aspect of bike fitting, as it can significantly impact both comfort and performance while cycling. An incorrect seat height can lead to inefficiency in pedaling, discomfort, and even injuries over time. The optimal seat height allows the rider to fully extend their legs while pedaling without having to rock their hips or strain their joints. It is typically measured when the pedal is at its lowest point and the rider’s leg is fully extended. Adjusting the bike seat height is usually done by loosening the seat post clamp, moving the seat up or down, and then tightening the clamp again.