How To Calculate Net Income

“Net Income “, have you read these two words in some books or articles about finances and you have not understood what it is? Perhaps you may have heard about the word when it is used together with its counterpart gross income? It’s not that complicated you can learn more about what it is and … Read more

How to calculate opportunity cost

What is opportunity cost? Opportunity cost is a measure of value or benefit an individual misses out on when choosing between a set of options, usually in business of investing. This can be displayed as a simple equation. Opportunity Cost ($) = Return of best option ($) – return of option chosen ($) You can … Read more

How to calculate bonus

Determining your bonus is usually based on two things. Your total salary or yearly wage you earn, and some percentage of that salary. The total percentage you earn is usually a combination of a flat bonus and a performance bonus. This performance bonus is determined based on your work performance of the last year, and … Read more

How to calculate a business net worth

In the simplest terms, the net worth of a business is equal to it’s assets minus it’s liabilities. That is what you own minus what you owe. Determining what those two numbers are is usually the difficult part of the equation. Business Net Worth = Assets ($) – Liabilities ($) How to calculate business value … Read more

How to calculate a test grade

Calculating a test grade involves taking the total amount of points you earned dividing it by the total points of the test. Then you multiply that number by 100 to get a percentage. That percentage is then used to determine your letter grade like in the table below. Enter your points scored and total possible … Read more

How to calculate an sat score

SATs are a key factor in getting into colleges and also getting performance based scholarships. With that in mind, it might be important for you to understand how these scores are calculated. First, you’re going to want to calculate your raw score. Your raw score is equal to the following formula: The #questions you answer … Read more

How to calculate a mole

A mole, not the kind you find on your skin or in your yard, but in scientific terms, is a standard scientific measure for large quantities of small objects such as atoms. A mole is a unit less measure defined with the number of 6.02214076 X 10^23. Originally this unit was defined as the number … Read more

How to calculate a ratio

What is a ratio? Ratios are used in math to make a comparison between two things or numbers. In other words the ratio of something to something else. This can be written in a fraction, using the word to, or with a colon. For example the ratio of apples to oranges is 2:1, 2/1, 2 … Read more

How to calculate CPI

CPI stands for consumer price index. The consumer price index measures the rise in cost, or decrease, over time. Calculating CPI is fairly straight forward. It’s simply a ratio of current price to past price on a 100 point scale. CPI is used in economics mostly to track the rise in cost of consumer goods. … Read more

How to calculate CPM

First, lets dig in to what CPM actually stands for. CPM is short for cost per mille, where mille is short for thousand. In other words, this is your cost per 1000 units, users, ect. Typically this term is used in online marketing and advertising to describe the cost per 1000 ad views or clicks. … Read more

How to calculate a profit

Profit is the excess revenue of cost. In other words, how much money you made minus how much cost you had. There are things that can make this more complicated such as earnings before taxes and interest but in the simplest form its just an equation. Gross Profit = Sales Revenue – Cost of Goods … Read more

How to calculate a discount

Calculating a discount is a straight forward process that involves working with percentages. Most often discounts are displayed as a % off of a normal sale price. do this in your head can be daunting especially for abstract numbers. The calculator below will help you with this and can be used in your daily shopping. … Read more

How to calculate annual salary

On our menu above under finance you can see our salary to hourly wage converter. This can be useful for salaried employees, because it allows them to properly judge their wages with the amount of hours they work. But what about determining your estimated annual salary based on an hourly wage? Annual Salary Calculator Calculate … Read more

How to calculate batting average

Calculate the batting average of any hitter in the major leagues or anyone else. Enter the number of at bats, number of hits, and number of walks. Batting Average Calculator Batting average is a simple ratio of number of hits to number of at bats (not including walks). Because batting average does not include things … Read more

How to calculate atomic mass

Atomic mass is the sum of all of the protons, electrons, and neutrons in an atom. This is also sometimes used to talk about the average mass of a group of atoms. Neutrons and Protons make up most of the mass of the atom, in fact, electrons are so light that they aren’t used in … Read more

How to Calculate Blog

Our mission from the very first day has been to provide easy to use calculators free of charge for all. As we have been progressing on this journey it’s come to our attention that there are an infinite amount of problems and not all of them can go directly on our menu bar, and so … Read more