How to calculate a test grade

Calculating a test grade involves taking the total amount of points you earned dividing it by the total points of the test. Then you multiply that number by 100 to get a percentage. That percentage is then used to determine your letter grade like in the table below. Enter your points scored and total possible … Read more

How to calculate an sat score

SATs are a key factor in getting into colleges and also getting performance based scholarships. With that in mind, it might be important for you to understand how these scores are calculated. First, you’re going to want to calculate your raw score. Your raw score is equal to the following formula: The #questions you answer … Read more

How to calculate a mole

A mole, not the kind you find on your skin or in your yard, but in scientific terms, is a standard scientific measure for large quantities of small objects such as atoms. A mole is a unit less measure defined with the number of 6.02214076 X 10^23. Originally this unit was defined as the number … Read more

How to calculate atomic mass

Atomic mass is the sum of all of the protons, electrons, and neutrons in an atom. This is also sometimes used to talk about the average mass of a group of atoms. Neutrons and Protons make up most of the mass of the atom, in fact, electrons are so light that they aren’t used in … Read more

How to Calculate Blog

Our mission from the very first day has been to provide easy to use calculators free of charge for all. As we have been progressing on this journey it’s come to our attention that there are an infinite amount of problems and not all of them can go directly on our menu bar, and so … Read more